Tone Vs Sound – I Heart Guitar

  • Valeton Coral Verb II Reverb FX
    Valeton Coral Verb II Reverb FX; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar; new improved Version with better sound quality, lower noise and new functions; 16 Reverb Algorithms in one Pedal; Tap Tempo function; Controls: Mix, Decay, Tone, FX Mode; Footswitches: Effect Bypass; Connections: Input (1/4"" Jack), Output (1
  • Shadow M-Sonic A NMG VT
    Shadow M-Sonic A NMG VT Endpin-Preamp with NanoMAG Pickup and Volume- and Tonecontrol, endpin trimmed for acoustic steel guitars, Small and super lightweight soundhole fitted volume and tone control unit, 100% hum-free, Reproduces the sound of your instrument faithfully, Excludes any distortion, Incl. battery
  • Tsakalis AudioWorks Crown Overdrive
    Tsakalis AudioWorks Crown Overdrive; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar; designed to emulate the sound of a variety of British Old School Stack- & Combo-Amps; ideal for boosting an Amp to get a desirable crunch at lower volume or to add British character; three cascaded JFET stages deliver a very smooth tone
  • Tsakalis AudioWorks Experience Fuzz/Octave
    Tsakalis AudioWorks Experience Fuzz/Octave; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass; two stand alone Channels in series (Fuzz and Octave Up) which can be used individually or together; designed to revive the Sounds of the 70’s with a modern touch.; Controls: Fuzz: Gain, Damage, Tone, Vol - Octaver: Tone,
Tone Vs Sound – I Heart Guitar
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  • Morley MTCSW Mini Classic Switchles
    Morley MTCSW Mini Classic Switchles, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Mini wah effect pedal, Electro-optical circuit, Switchless design, Classic wah sound, Also suitable for bass or keyboards, Custom MQ2 inductor coil, Integrated ""True Tone"" buffer, Quick-Clip battery cover, Buffered bypass, Status LED,
  • Schatten Design HFN Player VT aktiv
    Schatten Design HFN Player VT aktiv, Pickup for Western Guitar, With endpin preamp, 9 V Battery operation with approx. 2000 h runtime, Discreet volume / tone control for mounting in the sound hole, Installation directly on the top, below the bridge, Installation using double-sided special adhesive tape or